Welcome to the
NWT Montessori Society

For over 40 years we have operated
the Yellowknife Montessori School

Using the Montessori Philosophy and Method of Education, it is the goal of the NWT Montessori Society to instill in each child a sound academic foundation, self-worth, and respect for others, a love of learning, a sense of order and discipline, an appreciation of nature, and a strong sense of responsibility to the community.

The NWT Montessori Society strives to provide a continuum of programs, from toddler through upper elementary, that affirms the uniqueness and value of a Montessori education and cultivate a life-long love of learning.


Casa (Preschool)

Our primary program with a focus on children aged 2 – 5 years old.

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YK1 Public Montessori Stream

Continued Montessori education up to Grade 5 in the YK1 system.

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Montessori Camps

PD Day Camps for NJ MacPherson Students opens on September 21, 2022.

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Upcoming Events


Registration for Casa is currently open. To register for any of our programs please head to our registration page or click the button below.